Bahamas trip will be this month’s traffic incentive!
Between May 1st and May 31st, Bingo Hall invites your visitors to celebrate Mother’s Day with a fun and rewarding challenge: The Bahama Mama Tournament! The player that wins the Final will win this extraordinary prize: a 7-day all-inclusive vacation to the Bahamas!
Grab the creative from your account and send invites to mothers around the world!
One golden watch per week – the new Rich Casino motto!
Rich Casino strikes once again with a most appealing promo – The Golden Apple Raffle! Every week, a watch worth $17,000 will be handed to your players!
Contact us at and we’ll provide you with the mailers for this special event.

Bingo Hall
Alert your traffic: there’s a cash injection in the Lucky Therapy Tournament! Promotion open between May 11th and May 17th and promises prizes of up to $500 Bonus!
Rich Casino
Since the time for outdoor activities has finally arrived, Rich Casino brings the Grill in Style Tournament to celebrate the summer vibe!
Prizes up to $50,000 in cash plus an amazing outdoor BBQ Island- Sonoma just await to be won!
Other Promotions
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Why slot games can be a good niche for you

1. The most important thing about slots is that one benefits from an amazing diversity of themes, offering a wide variety of options for your visitors to choose among (both bingo and casino sites have hundreds of slot games among their offerings).

2. Most of the slot games come with special demo game landing pages, where your visitors can get the taste of the game before creating an account. Demo game versions speak for themselves and convince your players to sign up for more action.

3. With interesting graphics and special symbols associated to sports, beauty, music, movies, slots games relate to players on a personal level and manages to infiltrate among their hobbies.

4. Slot games can be played with free money, which makes it much more appealing to your visitors.

5. Providing your visitors with a full slot game review will add a note of credibility to your website. It shows that you've tested actual games and not just navigated the website. You get to prove you have the knowledge to guide them.

On the first day his son joined the family firm, the founder took him on to the roof of the factory building and said, ‘I am going to give you your very first lesson in business. Stand on the edge of the roof.’
‘Now,’ said his father, ‘when I say, “Jump,” I want you to jump off the roof.’
‘But, Dad,’ said the boy, ‘there’s a pretty big drop!’
‘Do you want to succeed in business?’
‘Yes, Dad.’
‘And you trust me, don’t you?’
‘Yes, Dad.’
‘So do as I say and jump.’ The boy jumped.
He crashed to the ground and lay there bruised. His father went racing down the stairs and ran up to him. That was your first lesson in business, son. Never trust anyone.’

Happy International Mother’s Day and Happy Europe’s Day, we’d like to wish you all a lovely and successful month of May! The Revenue Giants Team
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