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This April, invite your visitors to join the brand new Easter EGGstravaganza Tournament , open from April 1st to April 30th! Spread the news and collect the benefits! Check out the mailer we’ve prepared and contact us at support@revenuegiants.com for more mailers!
Spinning the lucky Ducks’N’Eggs reels will bring $5,000 cash to your visitors!
Share the news of the Easter-celebrating promo taking place at BingoHall.ag – Eggsplosive wins await your users, helping you to better convert your traffic.
You can find a special landing page in your account, simply grab the creative for keeping your visitors up to date.

Bingo Hall
This April, BingoHall is looking for the big talent that will steal the show. We are talking about the newest event – Roomies Got Talent ! The highest voted video will be rewarded with $5,000 CASH! Surely your visitors will be thrilled by the event, make sure to keep them informed about, links can be found in your affiliate account.
Rich Casino
Rich Casino is up and about to celebrate Easter holidays in glitz and glamour! Players are invited to take part in this expensive taste feast while playing in the new Easter In Style Raffle !

One special Imperial Egg will be given out each week, keeping your players engaged in the event throughout the month!
Other Promotions
If you'd like to know what promos will bring you traffic this month for each of the following brands, simply click on the logo and check out the star events.

Tips for creating a user friendly interface

1. Avoid using multicolumn templates, research has shown that one column or two instead of multiple ones give more coherence and narrative attributes to your interface.

2. Sell benefits, instead of features. This way you anticipate the future outcome of the viewer's action.

3. Visual hierarchy is an important requirement your interface should meet. The hierarchy results from a number of things, such as: alignment, proximity, color, tone, font, element size, spacing and so on.

4. Use psychology methods while your users wait for a process to load. You have two options here: either your site can load super-quick, or you can keep your users busy and entertained while they wait. Show them news, things of interest, funny pictures and so on.

5. Offer the option to personalize the way a user can see the site when logging into his account, ex: change color scheme or font to meet his personal preference.

A young man asked an old rich man how he made his money.
The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, "Well, son, it was 1932. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last nickel.
"I invested that nickel in an apple. I spent the entire day polishing the apple and, at the end of the day, I sold the apple for ten cents.
"The next morning, I invested those ten cents in two apples. I spent the entire day polishing them and sold them at 5:00 pm for 20 cents. I continued this system for a month, by the end of which I'd accumulated a fortune of $1.37."
"And that's how you built an empire?" the boy asked.
"Heavens, no!" the man replied. "Then my wife's father died and left us two million dollars."

Plenty appealing events to keep your visitors hooked this month, we’re confident this will translate into higher revenue for you!

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