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If you are interested in player retention and having them come back for more with Revenue Giants premier bingo site, is the one you are looking for. Our affiliate program bingo site has what your players want, this translates in us being the affiliate program you need. Players can choose between bingo, slots and video poker and win real cash in every game. super promos and jackpots will keep your players happy and ready to continue playing, which you will see on the affiliate program it will convert into earnings.

Revenue Giants affiliate program offers an amazing site that caters to the need of Bingo players that are very serious about the game, the kind in need of constant challenges when ever they play, plus they expect an equally matching reward.

There are many perks for your players at our Vicsbingo site if you join our affiliate program, for example: hourly bingo jackpots, also one of the most colorful, unique and extensive bingo game patterns in the industry. Our newsletters will keep players informed of new promos and on-going ones as well.

If you are looking to make huge profit and revenue you need to retain players by giving them benefits, benefits that our casino affiliate program offer so take advantage of Revenue affiliate program now. - The Best slots machines on the net offers over 50 slot machines, with 36 of these currently linked to various progressive jackpots. The site also excels in the video slots area, with a range of exciting machines offering maximum payouts of up to $200,000; this is one of the best websites in the industry, that is also part of the best affiliate program there is Revenue Giants.

We can help you get the casino revenue and profit you need as an affiliate through our casino affiliate program at Revenue, your players will be able to choose from sign up bonuses of up to $1000, a referral bonus that runs for 120 days, high quality download games or Fast Flash games, by joining our casino affiliate program we are committed to help you make as much casino revenue as possible, and help with the player retention with an outstanding video slots area and our fantastic payouts. Be a part of our affiliate program right now we assure you great financial gain.

A profitable PLAY FOR FREE bingo site. Send traffic to this high quality site after joining the Revenue Giants affiliate program and watch as your registrations turn into real money players.

Our goal as your affiliate program is to have players register for free and play bingo at Internet so we can establish a relationship that will eventually create a higher traffic through this site, it’s high quality speaks for itself plus your players will enjoy our monthly prize draw, we will like for you to take a look at Revenue Giants affiliate program and specifically at our Internet website, so you can see the great potential it will have in the short run, for these play for free players to turn into real money players, this affiliate program is ideal for your revenue and profit needs, all it takes is for you to join and start enjoying the benefits of Revenue affiliate program right now.

Our Affiliate Program's Certifications

CAP - Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino Affiliate Programs CAP main role is to review and rate the hundreds of partner programs available in the industry. Revenue Giants has been a certified casino affiliate program and certified bingo affiliate program for over 4 years at Casino Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Guard Dog

Affiliate Program GuardDog

It is the entity in charge of verifying and analyzing the terms and conditions of the multiple Affiliate Programs in the gaming industry. This association strives to guarantee a fair and friendly environment within the Affiliate Industry with a very thorough surveillance of all activities. Revenue Giants is proud to be reviewed as Affiliate Friendly Terms and Condition.

GPWA – Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association has been part of this industry since 2001 and is dedicated to strengthen associational relationships between affiliate program managers and portal webmasters.

APCW - Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters

The Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters is where Affiliate Managers, Casino Programs, Webmasters and Players join together to fight for honesty, integrity, and transparency in the online gaming industry.

Recent Testimonials

"There is no doubt that Revenue Giants is THE best performing Affiliate Program that we work with. Real-time statistics, great banner selection, unique newsletters, excellent offers, player retention and above all an amazing level of service! all which makes Revenue Giants one of the best bingo and casino affiliate programs on the market today.

Revenue Giants are also very helpful and creative when it comes to attracting new players and keeping players coming back - All with a very high level of personal service that should be noted.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Revenue Giants as a trustworthy, honest and truly professional program to work with!"

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"Hello Cristie and Affiliate team,

I'm affiliate login "bpmee31" from the migration.

I'd just like to thank you and your casino team for landing what appears to be a very big player. I'm very pleased with the work your VIP team did and appreciate the fact that this player wasn't removed from my account.

With all the tough news in the industry, it's good to see that Revenue Giants still puts the affiliate first and honors their word.

I look forward to continued work with your program.

Regards, Brendan"

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"We would like to wholeheartedly recommend RevenueGiants as a trustworthy, honest and truly professional program.

RevenueGiants is definitely one of the top notch affiliate programs for online Casinos and Bingo out there. Always working on improving conversions, creating new exciting promos and providing excellent player support.

Affiliates are also treated professionally with fast and reliable support. Backoffice is full of great marketing tools. Monthly payments are top concern at RevenueGiants and are always getting in time - Thanks Cristie! All in total make a must program for every affiliate.

Always looking forward to work with you guys and are hoping to see more and more affiliate programs going in your professionall way."

׺°"˜`"°º× •• • ׺°"˜`"°º×

It is a true pleasure working with Cristie and the Revenue Giants team. We have had nothing but a smooth journey so far.

We highly recommend the program to anyone, in fact Revenue Giants clients are the ONLY top game software casino group we work with. Many aspects make it an enjoyable experience such as on time payments, quick replies to emails, no negative carryover and request for custom creatives being no problem.

If your looking for an affiliate program to partner up with that will truly treat you like a partner, then you must join Revenue Giants.


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"Hi Alina and Cristie!

No doubt it was my best decision to register with you, because today I just saw my affiliate stats and I was shocked, honestly. In less than one month I got more earnings than 5 months working with another program - your Rich Casino converted one of big VIP players and in just one week he deposited $1,100 - it's just insane for me, I thought I could never reach such profit with my players ($400 is standard and regular monthly salary in Ukraine).

Please, tell your retention team to keep this player pleased and make him happy and I will do my best to send you more players like him.

I guess a lot of affiliates are working with wrong partners, because they just don't know about you. Your care about clients - 100%; Retention team - best; (especially Rich Casino)"


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Hello Giants Webmasters,

Welcome to Affiliate Program!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ben and I'm the Affiliate and Marketing Director here at Revenue Welcome to the initial step of being more profitable economically which is joining us.

Since I began as an affiliate myself I know that by working hard you see the fruition of your efforts and I'm more than happy to share the extensive marketing experience I've acquired throughout the years.

Here at we are devoted to provide outstanding service helping affiliates grow and increase their traffic and revenue at the same time.

Real time stats, timely payments, customized landing pages and marketing tools are just some of the services you can take advantage of to make your time with a positive and rich experience!

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Affiliates & Marketing Director

Our Affiliate Program

Revenue Giants is the best affiliate program designed specifically to meet the needs of casino and bingo affiliates 365 days a year!

Consultation with bingo and casino affiliates has enabled us to create an affiliate program that offers fantastic gaming sites with excellent offers and player retention, easy and obtainable high commissions and reporting tools second to none.

Our bingo and casino affiliate program operates under different modalities: Revenue Share, CPA and a hybrid of the previous two, enabling our casino and bingo affiliates to obtain fair revenue.

Bingo & Casino Affiliate Program Details

Our Clients is an honorable affiliate program that exclusively represents the Bingo and Casino brands that you can promote at your sites, guaranteeing you and your visitors reputability, support and security.

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