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Affiliate Marketing Terms

2nd tier: Itís when an existing affiliate brings additional affiliates to become part of the program. Any earning that the second affiliate will make, will compensate the first affiliate who brought him/her with extra commission, while the second affiliates receive the same default commission and service as the first affiliate. When the second affiliates receive a commission for their acquisitions, the affiliate above them will also obtain a commission.

Affiliate Directory: It is a categorized listing of affiliate programs that allow interested people to easily choose from many different ones.

Affiliate Forum: A web application which main function is to provide people with a space on the net to discuss through postings their opinion about different topics related to the affiliate field.

Affiliate Fraud: Dishonest activity of any type, carried out by an affiliate with the purpose of increasing or generating more revenue.

Affiliate Link: Unique links that differentiate the affiliate form others and sends traffic to the merchant's web site.

Affiliate Manager: The contact person of the affiliate program, whose one of the main duties is to assist affiliates in all ways possible to generate more sales.

Affiliate Marketing: It is an advertising method that helps promote web businesses through affiliates. The affiliate is compensated for every visitor, sales, clicks, registrations, or a hybrid model.

Affiliate Program: Is a program through which affiliates recommend a merchantís product or service and in exchange they receive a commission accordingly. The affiliate has a unique URL that tracks down all visitors he or she sends to the merchantís site and all the deposits they made during their lifetime.

B2B Advertising: It is a marketing strategy that involves the transaction of goods or services between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers.

Banners: It is a style of internet advertisement that comes in different formats such as: .jpg .gif or flash. The sizes of this type of ad can vary according to the affiliate needs. The common sizes are 468x60 250x250 or 125x125.

Banner exchange: A program that allows a marketer to display one advertisement, across the network, for every two advertisements it hosts on its site.

Brand Identity: It is related with the name, the logo and visual appearance of the brand. All these elements will propitiate the consumersí perception that will help recognize a product/service and differentiate it from competitors.

Brand Image: Itís the whole impression created by a brand associated with its product, user, occasion, service and personality images.

Charge Back: The reversal of a charge or deposit made on behalf of the cardholder that was already credited to the merchantís account.

Commission: Itís the compensation paid to affiliates for promoting our brands. It is calculated based on a percentage of the net gaming or the traffic activity, depending on the commission type they choose.

Contextual Linking: It is the action of placing affiliate links to suitable products within related text or articles on a website that will increase your traffic.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors who take a desired action upon visiting the website. For example; visitors that turn into depositing clients.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): It is a fixed commission paid by EACH player that the affiliate brings to one of our brands. It does not take into account the amount of deposits or the net gaming. For instance, pays up to $200 CPA commission, so 10 players on CPA deal will earn you $2000.

Creatives: It is a common term used within the marketing jargon to refer to the advertising material designed by art directors and copywriters in an ad agency.

Demographics: It is the study of populations according to their age, sex, income, education, size of household, ownership of home, etc. These data aid the marketing directors to target the desired audience according to a specific advertising campaign.

Flash: Is a technology that allows animation or moving graphics on a website. One of the advantages of Flash animations is their relatively fast download time.

GIF: Stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF file consists of two or more images shown in a timed sequence to give the effect of motion and has no other forms of interactivity, for instance audio cannot be integrated.

HTML email: Makes it possible to include unique fonts, graphics, background colors and images in an email. Most email readers have the ability to display HTML emails, an email format that is much more interesting than plain text ones. If used properly, it can increase your number of visitors.

Hybrid Commission: A combination of the Revenue share commission and CPA commission.

Incentivizable Campaign: It consists of offering rewards in exchange for completing offers. These are offers where advertisers are willing to accept a slightly lower lead quality in exchange for a much higher lead volume.

Landing pages: Are specific pages bound to attract potential customers to the website. Usually presents information that is relevant to the visitor and captures their attention resulting on a sign up or even into an acquisition.

Revenue Share Commission: Is a percentage of the net win/Net gaming (= deposit-withdrawals) paid to affiliates.

Rollover: If the affiliate does not meet the minimum balance to get paid, the payment accrues until it reaches the minimum amount set by the affiliate program.

Source ID: A unique 6 digit identification number which is assigned to every affiliate who uses a specific link.

Word of Mouth Advertising: Itís associated to recommendations or general information sharing from person-to-person about products, services or promotions.